Adorable Scarf

Finally my exam finished! YEAY! According to my promise in this POST. I will show you the scarf that I won from a giveaway, hosted by Josie and Mochi Mochibeaucoup and the ring that I won from Mita Adindayu giveaway! Yeah, last month was my lucky month ξ\(ˇˇ)/ξ

And this's a Cat Lover Scarf!

And Adorable Ring

what do you think about the scarf and the ring? looks very cute isn't it?
Yeah, both of them gimme a new look! 

And thanks again for Josie , Mochi Mochibeaucoup and Mita Adidayu
I really love your gifts! 
22 comments on "Adorable Scarf"
  1. aww diposting ternyata.
    thankyou too, yusi :D

  2. ecieeh envy T_T suka ring nya XD pernah liat pengen beli._. sini mbak buatku XD *ehh

  3. Such a cute cat lady! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Cuteee :D Aku suka sama foto yang ke 7 :))

  5. really cute ring - adorable
    thanks for the comment on my pageblog, for following and for participating on my giveaway. good luck!!

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  7. Love them both! New follower x


  8. Hi there! thank you for comment on my blog, really means a lot! :D
    by the way, drooling for your scarf!

    Wulan Wu on

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaa, scrafnya lucu sekaliiiii :*

  10. hiiii mangilnya aapa ya tamii mgk
    mkssiii uda ikutan ga aku :D
    iyaa ni prepare nol besar n seadanya -,- blum sepmet bikin apa2 modal nekat launching hehhe
    besok aku bagusin lgi hehhe
    wahh blog nya keren fashion bloger ya hehe

  11. itu apasih ==a gambar kucing atau musang?

  12. Keren cincinnya, mbak..
    Pengen, deh..
    Scrf.nya juga pantes dipake.nya ^^..

    Loh, baru slesei exam jg??
    Kelas XII, donk.. Kita sama, lo!! :D
    Smoga kita lulus dgn nilae terbaik, ya ^^

  13. congrats! lovely scarf! <3

  14. lovely scarf!

    join my giveaway ;

  15. that ring was so cuteeeeee... ^___^
    and somehow. the scarf is tempting... i love the colors... and it look so beautiful as hijab ^___^

  16. awww u r great.
    I don't know that scarf also can make it into like that :)



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